Colin Picture.jpg

When I asked myself what I really wanted to do with my life…

The answer was a whole bunch of stuff. So that’s what I do. As a freelance artist, I spend my time in various roles as as audio engineer, recording artist, graphic designer, and performing musician. I live to create things and celebrate the joy of life and art with the people around me.

I created this website as a hub for all of my various projects as a way to document all of the artistic endeavors I embark on with my friends and clients. I want to not only showcase the work I’m doing, but also inspire and collaborate with other artists in the process.

AWBOS fueled by two things: exploration and collaboration. I want to give a home to unfinished projects and provide a platform for artists to venture down unbeaten creative paths. Do you have a project or passion that has gone unexplored? Let’s find a way to make it happen.

The world needs people who are doing what they love and I want to help cultivate a community of artists who are doing the things that set their hearts on fire. What’s your thing? What’s keeping you from doing it? DO YOUR THING. It’ll be fun!

Let’s do a whole bunch of stuff.

-Colin Fox